Design Spotlight: Our Five Favorite New Products


Minimalism, modernism, a blast from the past, and a new way to think about marble. These are our favorite new products created by some of the best designers in the world.


1. Debra Folz’s New Furniture Collection

In collaboration with West Elm, this new line of furniture is all about the details. The glass end tables and coffee table with two layers of glass create an optical beauty. The dressers are even more impressive. With brass feet tapered in a mid-century style and brass handles twisted perfectly, these pieces completely exceed expectations.


2. Eave Table by M-S-D-S Studio

This new minimalist table, designed by Toronto-based designers, aims to please those who appreciate hand-made, meticulously built products. The surface is made from honeycomb core and the legs from certified ash wood. This dining table will “elevate any room while defying conventions.”


3. Alphabet Design’s New Chairs

These designers released an exquisitely modern line of chairs and a unique new table that doubles as an art piece. Available in gold or jet black, the new chairs come featured with an eloquent keyhole back. Not crazy about the backs? Alphabet released lightweight stools that come in multiple heights and can double as side tables. The new end table they released is perfectly minimal with a hint of modernism.


4. Tom Dixon’s Geometric Home Accessories

Tom Dixon took the marble craze to a new level with his geometric home accessories. SWIRL products are made with recycled powdered residue from marble manufacturing. This combined with pigment and resin allows Dixon to create a swirled marble appearance with texture and weight closer to that of stone.


5. Giopato & Coombes’s Chandelier

Remember decorative mobiles? Giopato & Coombes bring back this kinetic sculpture originally developed in the 1970s, but this time they’ve added a twist. Their version is a chandelier. Aptly named “Dewdrops,” the chandelier mimics “dewdrops resting on blades of grass glowing under the light of the moon.”

These new and beautiful products may be unique in their own ways, but some trends emerge in design this year. A tending towards clean lines is emerging, and an ode to the memories of childhood and simpler times pleases the eyes of designers. For more on the latest designs, click here.

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