Thinking of Renovating Your Kitchen? Explore the Latest Trends to Transform Your Culinary Space


The kitchen can be among the most challenging locations when it comes to home renovation, because it requires a number of decisions that involve balancing an aesthetically pleasing design with function to meet day-to-day needs. Earlier this year, Houzz conducted a survey of 1,700 homeowners who were currently working on renovating their culinary space for their insight on storage solutions, layout, design style, and more.

Approximately half of those surveyed were changing their kitchen’s layout, and they overwhelmingly chose an L-shaped design (35 percent). This marks a shift in trends, as “the L-shaped kitchen has nudged aside the U-shaped kitchen,” though these two styles remain among the two most popular selections.


Homeowners also often elected to open up their space, and 56 percent were doing so with an open, wall-free transition to create a more seamless flow from room-to-room. Of those opening their kitchens up, “about 18 percent said they were opening their kitchens more to outdoor spaces” for seasonal entertaining. Many decided to expand the size of their kitchen, though the square footage was largely dependent upon the type of residence, as an urban home was likely to have an overall much smaller size kitchen than a rural one.

Function ranked highly as a top priority, one favored by 63% of respondents, who said it was key to have “a kitchen in which it’s easy to store and find items.”


Style was also equally important, both in terms of having a stylish and beautiful design (cited by 60 percent) and ensuring the design fused well with other areas within the home (47 percent). A trend shake-up occurred in this category as well, as the farmhouse style “unseated traditional style for a spot in the top three kitchen design styles.” The other two favorites? Transitional and contemporary.

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