Outdoor Landscaping Ideas to Spruce Up Curb Appeal


They may say not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to make assumptions about anything—from a book to a person to a home—on first glance or appearance. If you’re considering selling your home in 2019, you’ll want to ensure your home shines from the outside, in. By stepping up your curb appeal, you can make your home stand out.

Plant Rambling Vines or Ground Cover

Make the most of your yard by planting rambling vines along trellises and fences. You can give the vines direction with a structure to climb, or let them flow freely throughout your yard. For a more low-maintenance option, plant a ground cover (like creeping thyme) and let it slowly work itself around your landscape and fill in any blank spaces.

Design a Rock Garden

If weather is an issue in your area, you can still create beautiful landscaping. If you decide to use a combination of rocks and live plants, always place rocks first. It’s much more difficult to place rocks around landscaped plants, so take care to create a plan of action.

Create Bold Contrast

Add some pop and dimension to your garden by plotting bold contrasting colors. Pairing deep purple hues with bright gold will create a strong contrast and make each color pop on its own. Try referencing a color wheel and experiment with planting flowers of complementary colors in close proximity.

Add Dimension

Use planter boxes, hanging planters, and steeples to add height to your garden. This will help you create more privacy and develop a sense of being deep in the rain forest.

Install a Rain Garden

Improve your aesthetic while also helping the environment! Install a rain garden to utilize the natural filtration plants can provide, and help filter out toxic chemicals. In many cities, by installing a rain garden you’re eligible for a tax break, and some cities will provide funding for rain garden installation!

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DesignMary Norris